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“You don’t need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination…”
Travelling and touring is all about acquainting with a new you along with a new destination, the destinations that people talk about and still the traveler find something amusing, something unexplored, the destinations that are virtually seen but to see them live is as enchanting as the finding the pennies in the pockets of your trousers you don’t know about, the destinations that are renowned worldwide, yet something peculiar and something new entices the soul.
The  Golden Triangle Tour  comprises of three such destinations, the nation’s capital and the blended fusion of magnificent past and the glorious future, Agra that is still immersed in the charms of marital love and the city of Jaipur is the finest example of Rajputana penchant towards flamboyance.

The Golden Triangle Cities

The tour commences with Delhi where the traveling soul can wander in the unscathed charm of narrow lanes, the historical edifices and palatable meals and get lured with the dazzling ambiance and the world-class captives as hi-tech buildings, upmarket shopping places, and much more with New Delhi. The city of Jaipur, affectionately known as the Pink city is the kaleidoscope of folk culture of India well illustrated in the guarding citadel of Amber Fort, well displayed in the intricate carved windows of Hawa Mahal, the palace that looks like the Honeycomb Castle, well placed in the splendors of Jal Mahal, the palace resting amidst the lake, showcased well within the rustic beauty of the Forts, and houses in the panache of Rajasthan. The other magical site of India, the destination that has drool every beholder with its glances is the city of Agra, the most popular tourist destinations of India and the home of the untamed prowess solely dedicated to the love of the emperor for his beloved wife that will be cherished for and embraced in every coming era, the unfathomable Taj Mahal. Lying on the banks of the Yamuna River, the city is the finest site to catch the insights of Mughal eminence and their art forms of the bygone era.

Get to know More beyond the Golde Trio

Apart from the three alluring sites, the Golden Triangle Tour can be extended to other dynamic destinations that embraces the heritage of India, where the distinctive culture is still encrusted with the uniform layer of warm hospitality, where sites not only houses the beauty of erstwhile period but well preserves the legends associated and where your soul wonders and wanders in the lost lanes of former period. Among such destinations most popular are the city of Udaipur, the ecstatic city of Rajasthan that houses the azure hues of lakes and the grandiose of palaces, Mumbai, the city that never sleeps and popularly called as the dream city, the Kerala, popularly known as the ‘God’s own country” and the renowned site to enjoy the untamed backwaters along with rejuvenating with Yoga, Ayurveda treatment and age-old practices of India and more.
The land of India is a blessed with some heavenly destinations that not only lure the traveling souls but are the memory milers on the road of seeking the unexplored. Embark upon a journey to these illustrious destinations with India in My Mind and let your inner self-immersed in the mighty spell of them.

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