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Agra Tour & Travel Guide
Agra or as they say the majesty of the unfathomable love, Agra or the city that house the Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Agra where the land is immersed in the eternality of love and the sky showers the rain of enchanting charms, Agra, The beautiful hometown of Taj Mahal.
Being an ostentatious part of Golden Triangle Tour , the city has been amongst the most popular tourist destinations in India and adding to that is the marvelous Taj Mahal, a white marbled Wonder, An ethereal beauty on land commissioned with the bit and bricks of Love. Built in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, Taj is the white pearled Tiara of India.
The city of Agra is widely associated with the charm of Taj but the city that lies on the banks of Yamuna River is embellished with other vivacious hues, Hues of rich culture, The hue of Heritage, The hue of Delicacies and the hue of Hospitality.

Top Attractions of Agra

Taj Mahal: The ethereal allure of this white wonder has enticed every soul since its inception. Renowned as the marvel of love, the place is Listed amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has already ascended the charm of India with etching its name amongst the Seven Wonders of The World.

Agra Fort: While for most of the travelers Agra is synonymous To Taj, but the city houses some other eminent wonders and one of them is Agra Fort, the majestic Mughal fort where the strolling over courtyard after courtyard of this immaculate red sandstone and marble marvel will only lure your inner self. The Famed UNESCO world Heritage Site houses some other spectacular structures like Musamman Burj, the octagonal tower where Shah Jahan was imprisoned, Sheesh Mahal, The glass Place and more.

Fatehpur Sikri: The home of the enchanting Mughal architecture, listed amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fatehpur Sikri not only boasts about the beauty of Mughal architecture but is the closest site that can relate with the social structure of that period along with being the accurate portrayal of the administrative system of the bygone era. Commissioned primarily of red Sandstone, the city was amongst the earliest planned cities of the world. The City is the finest example of architectural brilliance and showcases that well in its significant edifices and layout. The notable attractions of the city are the Tomb of Salim Chishti, Jodha Bai Palace, Panch Mahal, Pachisi Court and more.

Itmad Ud Daulah: Popularly called the Baby Taj Mahal, the Tomb Of Itmad Ud Daulah is the first Marbled tomb in India and is a Mughal Mausoleum. The Tomb is often regarded as an important mark of moving to the second phase of Mughal Architecture and was first to be built along the banks of River Yamuna. The Indo Islamic Structure will droll any soul with just a sight.

Food in Agra

The city of Agra is not only the home of the spectacular architectural arts but is a total delight for all the foodie souls. The gourmet meals of Agra are not only is a feast for the taste buds but their rich flavors, often contradict and complement each other at the same time, like the sweet flavor complemented well with the tanginess in Bedai Jalebi or the popular riot of flavors in the chaat of Agra. The Mughal not only have left their prowesses behind but one can still track their imprints in the Famed Mughlai Delicacies of Agra that are nothing less than the whole gourmet feast for the food lovers. Another delight and a must-buy-edible-souvenir is the Petha, the specialty of Agra that will leave all your taste buds to wander into the lanes of sweetness.

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How To Reach
  • By AirKheria Airport in Agra is a military base airport which is a seasonal commercial airport and is connected with every few Air India flights from New Delhi.
  • By TrainThere are regular trains available to Agra from cities like Delhi, Jaipur Gwalior, and Jhansi. Agra is also connected with other parts of the country like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.
  • By RoadAgra is well-connected with other major parts of the country through roadways which includes both Volvo and deluxe buses.
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Sightseeing in Agra Tour & Travel Guide

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