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The land of India is dotted with so much that at times it’s quite overwhelming to choose the must-go destinations, while some travelers can drool with heritage, some travelers got enticed with the delicacies, some travel for seeking spiritual solace, some travel for quenching their thrilling urge to explore, some got attracted by the architectural wonders, then some got attracted by the hospitality, but India has always been on the bucket list of travelers with these varying interest.
While traveling for all of it is quite difficult, but the Golden Triangle tour of India inherits all of it. The renowned tour is the classic introduction for the travelers seeking to relish over the varying facets of India, be it drooling over legacies or to hogg over the delicacies, be it to experience the opulence or for a budgeted escapade, our Golden Triangle tour Packages caters all of it and more.
Also catering the constraint of time, we bring you the tour packages served on different platters according to their duration. We as a tour and traveling service provider believes in providing you with the best without compromising with your tour experience because of our duration tours. India in My Mind provides you with the best of Golden triangle tour itineraries drafted as per the duration and preference of our customers. All our golden triangle tour packages are segmented according to the time duration like the travellers seeking for tour Golden Triangle Tour packages with the weekly span or less can choose from our 1-7 day Golden triangle tour packages where they will be leading on the delightful journey to the three illustrious golden triangle cities along with some other dynamic cities of India. some of the tour packages follow under the category of 1-7 day tours are 5 days Golden Triangle Tour, Golden triangle tours with Oberoi and more. Travelers seeking more to explore can embark upon our 8-15 days. The tours give you the ample of time to delight your eyes with every nook and corner along with ascending your Golden Triangle tour with other spectacular sites of India like Goa, Varanasi,  and more. some of our tour packages falling under the 8-15 day Golden Triangle Tour categories are Golden Triangle Tour with Rajasthan, Golden triangle tour with Udaipur, Golden Triangle Tour with Gujarat and more. Browse through our tour packages and choose the one that suits your interest and fits well with your time constraint.

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