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Golden Triangle Tour with Rajasthan

Rajasthan, formerly known by the name Rajputana-the land of the kings. It is the largest state in the Republic of India. Furthermore, despite its large size, it is covered by the Great Indian Desert- Thar, which runs parallel to the Sutlej Indus river valley. Golden Triangle Tour six days will gladly give you a ride on the sands of time involving the cities of Bharatpur, Mount Abu, and Kumbalgarh, to let you relish the solitude provided by the remains of bygone years, mesmerizing dessert as well as the uniqueness of the land and its charisma. Five nights Six days Golden Triangle Tour is a superb tour package which will not only take you to an outstanding expedition but will also introduce you with the ambiance of native traditional rural areas, their skills, and handcrafted material. You will feel delighted in the midst of native people with colorful apparels and age-old culture that will surely be as warming to the soul as the glare of stars at night for an unforgettable experience. Some unique places to tour in Rajasthan are:


It is often referred as the ‘Eastern Gate of Rajasthan’ that is fully drenched by its ethnicity, graciousness, and romance beaded into the necklace of folklores and extravagant ballads. It generously abodes Keoladeo National Park which habitats and breeding ground for over 370 species of birds and animals, which later grabbed the opportunity of listing itself in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Thus, an ideal place for animal lovers and also who wishes to satisfy his quest for knowledge, wisdom through nature.

Mount Abu

The famous hill station of Rajasthan, consisting of cool and calm weather and lush green surroundings. The spectacular architecture Dilwara Temples are enchanting and possess the charisma to lure people to visit it again and again. The temples were specially made with the idea to build them plainly from outside, to avoid plundering, but from inside not only its holiness attracts the common mass but also has withstood the test of time extremely well. Not only the temples, there are many beautiful lakes, viewpoints, Sunset and Sunrise points proving to be a typical romantic destination for young couples as well as other family members.


A little marvel at the chain of massive Aravlis, Kumbalgarh is a historic town, full of magnificent Monuments, extravagant Palaces, an assortment of Temples; The Kumbalgarh Fort is magnificent in sight and with its charming location increases the overall appeal of the Palace, and attracts tourists from the very entrance of the town.
It also abodes Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuaries which to much of our delight also serves Lion Safari along with magical scenario. The Great Wall of Kumbalgarh is the second longest continuous wall in the world, after Great Wall of China.
Thus, Rajasthan fully embodies all the elements of nature, dessert, hills, plains, and forests and serves as a great extension with our Golden Triangle cities under Golden Triangle Tour with Rajasthan for exploring and absorbing the ambiance, and colorful vibes to satisfy yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and also spiritually.

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