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Top 10 Religious Destinations in South India: South India Temple Tour

Whenever it comes to South India what first conjures in mind are the glimpses of pristine backwaters, natural ambiance, lush green estates, and the most impressive yet fascinating temples in South India. Tamil Nadu – the state of South India is dominated by so many ancient towering Dravidian masterpieces, many brightly painted sculptures on the monuments. These temples will display some of the great temple architectures of India with a backbone of Tamil culture. Out of all the temples in South India, below-enlisted ones are the most magnificent and explored temple cities of this region that you must explore in your South India Tour. So, let’s take a look -

Madurai, Tamil Nadu - The most ancient Madurai in Tamil Nadu houses the brilliantly structured Meenakshi Temple in South India. The temple complex is spread across 14 acres of land having 4500 pillar and 12 towers. It’s massive and impressive right…!!! The most astonishing of all about this temple is its beautiful sculptures which you will love to admire.

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu - Emerged as the stronghold of Tamil culture in the 11th century during the reign of Chola King Raja Raja I. During their reign, the Cholas constructed more than 70 temples in Thanjavur with the most outstanding and massive one the Brihadeswara Temple. This temple is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its fascinating structure.

Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu - The small town in Tamil Nadu, Kumbakonam has located within a few kilometers from Tanjore housing 18 temples. It is definitely a fabulous place for temple hopping in South India. If you are having limited time to explore, then Sarangapani Temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu) is the most impressive one to visit in Kumbakonam.

Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - Popularly known as a “City of a Thousand Temples”, Kanchipuram is not only famous for its distinctive silk saris but also houses stunning temples. You will find as many temples and each one is having unique architectural beauty. Devotees of Shiva and Vishnu are highly attracted to this town as there are many temples dedicated to them.

Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu - Specifically featured at Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameshwaram having an astounding pillared hallway and is regarded as the largest one in India. The fascinating rows of carved pillars with mesmerizing painted ceiling are truly alluring. The temple is situated just 100 meters from the sea (Agni Theertham) and pilgrims take a bath there first in its 22 wells and then worships the temple.

Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu - Mainly highlighted temple at Chidambaram is the Nataraj Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva performing the cosmic dance. This ancient temple is quite unusual due to its follows of Vedic rituals. The Vedic rituals are centered on fire, and yagna (fire sacrifice) is performed every morning as part of puja at Kanaka Sabha.

Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu - Arunachaleshwar Temple at Tiruvannamalai sits at the base of holy Mount Arunachala which is about 4 kilometers south-west of Chennai. It is another largest temple complex with nine towers and three inner courtyards. Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple and there is the element of fire as well.

Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu - Informally known as the home to the largest temple in India, the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is dedicated to a reclining form of Lord Vishnu. The temple occupies a mammoth area of 156 acres and has 21 gopurams or towers. Vinayaka Temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh is also worth visiting in the list of top.

Belur, Karnataka - Amongst the top places to visit in Karnataka, Belur is counted as one of them and is also home to the captivating 12th century Chennakeshava Temple. The temple was built by the ruling Hoysala dynasty to commemorate their victory over Cholas and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It took almost 103 years to complete and is adorned with some of India’s finest sculptures.

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh - Extremely renowned the temple sprawling complex of Lord Venkateshwara (Lord Vishnu) is located high above Tirupati in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. Devotees can reach by walking the 4000 steps up to the hills which takes almost two or four hours at least. The temple is one of the most-visited and wealthiest ones in India as can be seen by its gold-plated dome.

Choose the best suitable place to include in your South India Tour route from the above-mentioned list and adore the fine structures of artisans of a bygone era. So, while planning your holidays in South India, including any of your favorite religious destination in your travel circuit to experience the spiritual sight of South India.

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