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Solo India Travel: Top 10 essential tricks for a memorable Solo Travel in India

Slowly & steadily solo travel is on the rise! People are looking for exposure which has become a personal experience completely different from traveling with family, friends, or with your beloved partner. By enjoying traveling totally alone would give you a better chance to learn more about the real world and spending more time with yourself at the unknown place where no one knows you and you don’t know anyone. Seeing the world through a different perspective and ultimately take charge of your life which many of us feel we have lost through our everyday busy schedules.

Solo traveling in India will not only introduce you to a spectrum of different cultures, a myriad of humans, and their lifestyle. India offers you a wonderful vacationing where you can enjoy everything right from the historic India tour to delectable cuisines and shopping in the bustling market lanes during the city sightseeing tour. Here are some essential travel tricks for solo travelers to consider while planning their escapes in India –

Pre-plan your India Tour – while traveling alone, it is best suggested for you that you must attain the knowledge of each and everything before venturing into on the escapade. The India travel plan should be summarized in detail but the slight outline of it all must be clear to the traveler.  

Pack light as possible – the most important thing for a solo traveler is to carry a light bag during the course of your journey. There may be a chance where you have to cover some long distances and at times an intermediate transport, so if you pack accordingly with limited luggage then it would be easier for you to carry your bag everywhere without any hassle.

Travel during the day – traveling at night could be risky for you; therefore it is best for you to arrive at the destination during the day itself. Besides some metropolitan cities, most of the places in India are quite isolated in the night, so it is best to arrive during the day.

Connect with locals – the most important purpose of a solo trip is exploration without any inhibitions and it could be better done through connecting with the locals. Besides simply discovering the city, such interactions with the locals could be better than a travel guide.

Explore more – traveling solo in India is not just limited to the sightseeing of the city, rather there are many other things which you can experience in the city. Be it some adventure activities, clubs, theatres, pubs, or any place that can be given a visit at least once.

Engage yourself in new things – learning new things would be an explosion for you. It is highly recommended for you that you should make your initiative in learning new things at every place. Whether it is for learning a new language, different ways of cooking, learning the skills of artisans, and much more.  

Become your own photographer – a solo traveler must have multiple skills and among the many different skills required is the talent to capture your own pictures. It is not only the place that matters but your presence in them that makes the difference.

Know how to read a map – before you set off on an adventure of your own you should learn how to read a map. Since it is not always that you will remain surrounded by the people, the solo travelers should carry as well as being able how to read a map.

Always carry your identification proofs – Whether it is the city, your country, or any other place, a person should always carry his identification proofs. Mainly, if you are traveling alone in an estranged land you must not forget to have your ID cards with you.

Stay sober – The most important thing to do while traveling in India is to stay simple & sober. It is of utmost importance that solo travelers should be extremely aware of his or her surroundings at all times.

A solo trip in India would be a chance for your venture into an adventure like never before. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your solo India trip now in any way either by choosing Golden Triangle tour for solo traveler or by leading you to own travel plans for your wonderful journey in India. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, so step off now and discover the new you!

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