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Catch the Glimpses of Royalty with Amber fort while Golden triangle tour

Amber, The antiquated citadel of Kachhawas, is the most stunning creation of Jaipur. This marvel is made up of Red sandstone and marble. Possibly iconic in every way, the Mighty fort is a must visit in Jaipur while Golden triangle tour.  

Amber fort has 4 main entrances among which the Suraj Pol and The Ganesh Pol entices every traveler with their ambiance. Suraj Pol or the Sun Gate faces the east so as the rising rays of Sun fall directly to the Place through this Gate. The Other Gate Ganesh Pol is the main gate of the entrance which holds the victory parades for the Maharajas after their Return from the battle.

The Gate is named after Lord Ganesha as he is believed to remove all the obstacles and his idol is traditionally placed at the entrances. The Ganesh Pol is embellished with the carvings and paintings done in Natural colors, i.e. the colors are extracted from flowers, vegetables, spices, and stones. The pole also holds the latticed windows through which royal ladies witness the troop arrival.

The entrance gate then leads to a massive courtyard, Jaleb Chowk, which was built by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh and was used as a parade ground by the royal military. Upon the flight of stairs lies the beautiful Sila Devi temple. The temple is adorned with ornately carved silver doors. The temple holds the prayers by the Royal ladies for the well-being of the kings. The king also worshiped here before heading to any battle.

Near the temple, lies another courtyard which houses Diwan-i-aam, the assembly place where the king addresses the general public for resolving the issues. From the public assembly place, Diwan-i-Aam, through The Ganesh Pol, lies the third courtyard which houses the accommodation of the royal family on either side and a Mughal garden in the center adds a lush green delight to the whole sight.

On one side lies the residence of the royal family, Sukh Niwas Which can literally be translated as “Happy Residence”. With its ornate carvings and small channels of water that came from Chahar Bagh, the resting Quarter of Kings is the most peaceful place.

On the other side lies the Sheesh Mahal, a 3 part building. The outer part is the Diwan-I-Khaas, which was used as a private place by the kings to meet khaas(important) courtmen and ministers.The Jai Mandir on the top floor captivates the attention of every visitor with its floral ceilings and roofs along with latticed windows which adds a charm to the entire sight. The Place also holds a notable creation of the flower which depicts 7 different elements in one single flower which are a fishtail, a cob of corn,  the trunk of an elephant, a lotus, a hooded cobra and the tail of the lion, a scorpion. This engraved carving is known as the magical flower.The room beside the Jai Mandir is the Sheesh Mahal which is entirely Made of small pieces of glass, and hence is also called Glass Palace. The tiny pieces of glasses look nothing less than the beautiful carvings which create the illusion of the glare of the stars when a candle is lit through its infinite reflections.

Zenana Mahal is another gem of Amber Fort which is used to reside the royal ladies. The place is notable for its unique layout. In the middle, lies a small courtyard which has 3 rooms on each side belonging to 12 queens belonging to the different zodiac. The king Marries each of them as to achieve auspicious results. En-route Zenana Mahal, catch the glimpses of the beautiful garden, Kesar Kyari which is nestled on the banks of Maota lake. The royal garden was used for the cultivation of Saffron, a valuable spice.

The opulent gem of Jaipur is a royal treat for every discerning traveler. Adding the charm of bravery and Heroism with its splendor, visit Amber Fort while India’s golden triangle tour. Explore more of India’s cultural edifices which are splendid in every way and enjoy the hospitality of Incredible India during Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour.

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