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Culinary tour to Agra

“Food is the ingredient that binds us together”

Agra, the city that resounds the legend of eternal Love, Taj Mahal, exhibits a tangy flavor of its rich delectable cuisine. With the Culinary tour to Agra, enjoy the invigorating and bold flavors of India which are not only relishing but will surely etch on your taste buds for their unrivaled taste. The former capital of Mughals, Agra is enriched with the fusion of spicy and sweet delectable cuisine that will result in sudden swerves. From the local remote shops to the organized high rated restaurants and hotels, Agra inhibits the aroma and taste which are totally irresistible. Golden Triangle Tour is considered incomplete if you will not try “the must try foods” of India.

Here are some of the food items that are considered as the speciality of Agra that can be experienced even if you are on same day tour to Agra and the taste of these food is as good as their description:

Because when in Agra don’t miss The Mughlai Delicacies

Agra along with housing the  Mughal Architectural marvels also inherits their rich flavor. Mughals with the stupendous architecture has also left their relished imprints in the forms of Mughlai Delicacies. A perfect blend of roasted meat with flavored curries made in aromatic spices and layered with dry fruits and nuts is something to die for. This royal feast has always been the trademark of Agra which can be enjoyed at Luxurious hotels where these appetizing meals are served.

Bedai and Jalebi because India is country of contrasts where the tangy flavors are best enjoyed with something sweet

Bedai and Jalebi, the local breakfast of Agra are served with the spicy flavor of Bedai and the sweet flavor of hot smoky Jalebi. Bedai, a fried puffy bread served with the spicy Potato curry compliments Jalebi, the little discs dipped in sugar syrup.  What could be better than a plate of this warm flavored fusion to begin your day?

Parantha, because it is favorite of every Indian mother

The staple breakfast of north India, Parantha is a charm for the food lovers. Served with greek yogurt or chutney and stuffed with almost anything edible, this fried crispy round layer of wheat will leave your taste buds wondering in the heavenly flavors of food.

Petha because you just can’t get enough of Indian dessert

The iconic sweet, made with the ash gourd vegetable and coated with sugar enrapture every foodie with sweet tooths. This cylindrical piece of delight is a century old sweet of Agra and comes in different flavored variants like Kesar Petha, Angoori Petha, Chocolate Petha and Pan Petha. Don’t miss this enchanting floral delight while your Culinary tour to Agra.

Dalmoth, for every snack lover with love

This spicy and greasy snack from Agra is a treat for the food lovers. It is made of fried lentils, nuts, spices and oil and can be enjoyed with any beverage. From a local vendor cart to the biggest sweet shop, you can get this intriguing snack in pre-packed boxes. This palatable souvenir is a must buy while the Agra Food tour.

Chaat because India’s principle, “ Unity in Diversity” can be best replicated with the diverse flavors of Chaat

Out of the eternal love for food, the Indians created magic in the form of chaat. These savory snacks are notable in Agra for their lip-smacking flavors. Dahi-Bhalla, a chickpea and fried potato patty grated with spicy sweet brown sauce, golgappas, samosa & kachori are some of the favorites you can enjoy.

Culinary tour to Agra is quite popular under group tour packages as learning the recipe for these scrumptious meals is always fun and feasible when done in the group, under the supervision of experienced Chef apart from enjoying them. A yummilicious (yummy and delicious) Agra tour which is also a vital part of Golden triangle tour circuit, is totally worth a shot.

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