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7 Delhi-cacies of Delhi with Golden Triangle Tour

“You can”t buy happiness but you can buy food and that’s pretty much the same thing”.

India, the land of culture and traditions is a great hub of delectable Delicacies which are quite popular worldwide for their opulent flavors. Food is the ingredient that binds us together so let’s just explore the street food of Delhi under Golden triangle tour packages which will be a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Experience the affluent flavors of India while Delhi food tour.

Here is the list of 7 food items you can’t miss while in Delhi:

Dahi Bhalla because sweet curd before any good thing

The piquant Dahi Bhalla is the perfect startup of the food walk in Delhi. This delight of street food has the Dal vada soaked in the sweet curd and on top of it, the layer of Sweet and tangy sauces play with the rich flavor and textures of the whole meal. These incredibly soft bhallas will melt in the mouth gently leaving the taste buds wander in the world of rich flavors of Delhi.

Parantha, because we have Paranthe Wali Gali

The people of Delhi or for this delectable meal, the people of the entire country, loves Parantha so much that they have dedicated an entire alley for this scrumptious delight which is named as “Paranthe Wali Gali”. With a wide variety of choices of the stuffing like potatoes, radish, cauliflowers, eggs, bananas and even the sweet dessert Rabdi, the boisterous alley of Delhi makes the best street food in Delhi layered with the creamy Butter.

Kullu fruit chaat and Papdi Chaat because the political capital of India believes in the policy of Harmonization

Ever felt the burst of opposing tastes? The playful fight of sweet, spicy, sour, tangy, creamy all the vibrant flavors altogether from the palette to the mouth? Experience this sumptuous teeming in the chats of Delhi. The food items are mingled so well that the taste buds can actually enjoy the harmonization of all the flavors.

Kebabs, another great thing from Mughals

Apart from being thankful to Mughals for all the architectural wonders, every food lover in Delhi is really grateful for this Mughal delicacy, Kebab. Kebabs are the grilled chunks of meat layered with the rich Indian spices that are to die for. This joy from the nonveg platter is quintessential while Delhi food walk.

Chole bhature, because you don’t need any reason for appetizing food

This Punjabi dish is served well with all of the rich and spicy flavors and an add-on, Lassi(sweet buttermilk) this lip-smacking delight is quite popular in Delhi, from a small vendor selling it on a cart to the five-star restaurants, The food joints in Delhi couldn’t resist with its wondrous taste. Chole bhature is served as the perfect meal to satisfy the insatiate appetite of every food lover. The spicy flavors of Chole accompanied with fried bhatura entices the gastronomical buds of every traveler. The lassi at the end is like the cherry on the top, perfectly complementing the tangy flavor of Chole and Chutney. This luscious wonder is a must-try while Delhi food walk.

Ram Ladoo, because Delhi loves surprising everyone, be it the food or the weather conditions

Delhi never fails to surprise you and while every traveler and food lovers are thinking of rich flavors of the delectable sweet dish, Laddoo, Delhi is going to say “Gotcha”!!

Yes, Ram Laddoo is not a sweet dish, Unlike its name, this meal is another winter special from the spicy Chaat genre of Delhi. The ladoos are made up of moong dal and are well served with Chutney. Explore the rich flavors of this winter special meal while Golden triangle tour with the culinary tour to Delhi.

Desserts because life’s too short to say no to desserts

With so much from the spicy and tangy flavors, Delhi, the political Capital of India Has something for all the people with sweet tooth. An extensive variety of lip-smacking desserts, that may range from Smoky-hot Jalebis to Kulfi, from Rabri falooda to Motichoor Laddoo, from kulfi falooda to Blueberry cheesecake , the Dilwalon ki Dilli, (The popular term used by the natives to address Delhi, literally means city of people with golden hearts) caters every people with its delightful desserts.

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