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Dharavi Slum Tour with Golden Triangle Tour India

The commercial capital of India, Mumbai which is also known as “mayanagri” and the dream city, attracts a lot of Indian inhabitants from all the other state to try their luck and may turn it into a fortune. While housing the dazzling Bollywood within, the city of Mumbai is also the home of the Dharavi, one of the largest slums of the Asian continent that hoses almost one million of Mumbai inhabitants.

Slum tour might summon the picture of poverty, unhygienic standards of living, not so happy faces, but breaking the stereotype, the heartbeat of Mumbai, Dharavi slum tour will change the outlook towards slum by offering a new and better facet of these underrated areas and life around here. Contradicting the perception of slum which is used as a derogatory term, Dharavi is more than just a slum of Mumbai, it’s a fully functioning community where people are working and contributing towards society actively. Walking down the narrow lanes and observing the local people living in such congested areas in absolute harmony is quite an adventure.

The Dharavi slum tour usually starts with the commercial section of Dharavi which includes the industrial part. Deprived of the modern facilities and techniques, the slum witnesses the sense of pride in sustaining without outside assistance through varying small scale industries. Dharavi is often regarded as the spot which handles the waste from all across the lobe and recycles everything starting from plastic bags and bottles to computer parts, from cars batteries to pens and cans, from wires and metals to oil drums and paint cans and even the soap pieces which are used by travelers while their stay at various hotels, the industries of Dharavi are using the concept of recycling aptly and are transforming it into a flourishing business idea. Residents here can also be witnessed engaging in various other offbeat business activities like making poppadoms, weaving basket, embroidering leather and textiles, baking pieces of bread and cakes and pottery making and unusual professional and commercial deliverable.

You can plan your slum tour based on the area you wanted to work like educational trip by arranging a class for elementary education because due to acute poverty and non-accessibility to the resources, most of the slum population is uneducated that may lead to serious issues like increased crime, unawareness for legal rights, downtrend in moral values and unfair means of livelihood. Plan your Slum Tour with Golden Triangle Tour for an exceptional social travel experience.

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