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Enjoy the festive colors of Rann Utsav with Golden Triangle tour

Winters are magical in India. When the whole country is turning pink due to the gentle breeze, catch the spectacular vista of Indian culture and rich legacy with Golden triangle tour packages. Also with the Advent of Winter, the whole country immerse down in the festive aura. Witness the dazzling colors of Gujarat’s Rann Festival along with Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour of India and soak down all the magnificence of this incredible land.While the three heritage cities let the traveler wander into the architectural magnificence of India, The Rann Utsav will add a new festive delight to the whole tour.

Rann of Kutch, a spectacular salt desert is nothing less than a natural marvel in itself. Adding the delight to Gujarat’s grandiose, this splendor is extended to thousands of miles and showcases its impressive hues with seasonal changes like marshy in autumn, brilliantly white in the sunny season of Summer and delusional snowy in Chilly winters.

The salt desert is also known as the White Desert is quite popular for hosting the Kutch Rann Utsav, an annual fest organized by Gujarat Tourism in the Dhordo Village. The festival proudly boasts about the folklore of Gujarat’s culture and traditions. The festival exhibits the vivacious shades of Gujarat in Various forms, be it the folk dance or the live musical performances by artists, be it the camping amidst the surreal white desert or Gazing the moonlight sky under the glare of stars, this festive extravaganza stores something or other for every visitor. This year this festival is scheduled for November 1, 2017, to February 20, 2018.

The festival has been organized since 2006 every year with the sole purpose of showcasing the rich culture and tradition of Gujarat to the world. The Rann Utsav hosts several events which display the vibrant culture of Gujarat.Located at the distance of 85 km from Bhuj, the Dhordo Village of Kutch holds the Rann Utsav. The place is famous for its authentic hand-crafted stuff, traditional jewels, and Bandhani sarees. Rann Utsav exhibits the rooted essence of Gujarat in every other item.

With a myriad of activities that ensures the enjoyable experience of every traveler, Rann Utsav marks every moment with its charm and wonder. Be it the gazing the starry skies under the moonlight which looks not less than a spotlight for the entire white Desert, making it look heavenly or watching the folk Artists giving some breathtaking performances, Rann Utsav promises to make every moment of stay, A memory to cherish. Apart from these alluring events, visitors can enjoy the majestic vistas of the whole place, A camel ride or the Solo Ride In DPV, along the white desert leaves every visitor awe-struck. The add-on is the aerial panoramic views of the festival through Hot air Balloon ride. The visitors can catch the glimpses from above through para motoring too which is quite enthralling. Along with enjoying every Bit of Rann Utsav, visitors can also enjoy the saunter on the Mandvi Beach, enjoying the serenity of nature.

The cherry on the cake is the tented accommodations while Rann Utsav which lets the visitor enjoys the rustic beauty of the desert.these tents are equipped with all the modern facilities and ensure a comfortable stay for every traveler.

Enjoy the vibrant display of culture and Traditions Of India amidst the contrasting and majestic land of Rann of Kutch while Rann Utsav along with the cultural voyage to the heritage cities of India Delhi Agra and Jaipur under golden Triangle tour .

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