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Golden triangle luxury tour with heritage hotels of Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, The land of kings is notable for being the hub of grand palaces and picturesque forts. This ebullient part of Golden Triangle Tour adds a whole new luxurious charm by offering the luxury accommodation in some palaces that are now converted into Heritage Hotels. Experience the best luxury stay at these heritage hotels in Jaipur under Luxury golden triangle tour India

Taj Rambagh palace:

Ever want to feel the dramatic entrance like that of kings and queens? Experience the one in Taj Rambagh palace where the travelers can feel the taste of luxury right from the entrance, travelers are greeted by decorated elephants, camels, and horses while the woman dressed up in finest traditional Rajasthani attires perform the ceremonial tika and aarti. The add-on is the shehnai music in the background. This century-old marvel was once the residence of the royalty. The palace was originally built as the garden house for the nurse of Maharaja Ram Singh but later it was converted into a hunting lodge. Thereafter it became the residence of Maharaj Sawai Man Singh before it was converted in the heritage hotel. Experience the finest tradition and heritage of Rajput rulers in every nook and corner of the whole palace. The palace is a majestic amalgamation of rooms that personifies elegance from every bit, marbled corridors along with beautiful gardens.experience the luxury stays in one of the finest heritage hotels of Jaipur under golden triangle luxury tour.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Once known as Diggi Palace, this century-old edifice was built by the Thakurs of Diggi. Located in the heart of the pink city, the palace provides the sense of tranquility with its lush green gardens, exquisite havelis & durbars, massive courtyards and Baradari Mahal, an epicurean place where one can experience the rooted and rich flavors of Rajasthan cuisine.the royal grandeur of the palace is far more than the travelers seek for the luxury stay. Experience the timeless sense of royal luxury and heritage in the splendid Hotel Diggi Palace. The Place also hosts the Jaipur literature festival,  a delight fair for every voracious reader and art lover organized annually with the advent of the new year in the month of January. Experience the world-class luxury while celebrating the new year with the golden triangle luxury tour.

Samode Haveli

A traditional Indo-Saracenic edifice set along the verdant gardens was the residence of the Samode rulers and is still occupied by some of their successors.the royal apartments that are now converted into guest rooms are sure to entice with the rich history and culture of Samode. Each of the rooms displays the distinctive feature and the blend of glorious yesteryears with modern amenities. The courtyards and the balconies of room overlook the pools, gardens and fountain courts of the whole haveli.

Hotel Narain Niwas

The hotel is one of the finest Anglo Indian Architecture where the travelers apart from admiring the Rajput Royalty can live it too. From chandeliers in the room to the massive bathtubs decked up with the aromatic petals, the hotel offers the exclusive luxury stay. Travelers can delight their taste buds with the “Chandrahas”, a traditional beverage which has 80 different herbs and spices along with dry fruits. Another delight for food lovers is the delectable flavors of recipes which are curated by the Thakur, himself.

Taj Jai Mahal Palace

Feel the luxurious blend of splendor along with the tantalizing content in Taj Jai Mahal Palace. The antiquated edifice was once the residence of the prime minister of Jaipur but later on, was converted to heritage hotel by the Taj group. Largely spread across the Mughal gardens of 18 hectares, this Indo-Saracenic architecture is adorned with the interiors that are of colonial style along with miniature paintings and exquisite antiques. The rooms and suites are decorated in Classical Indian Style and offer the spectacular views of the whole palace. Unveil the rich flavors of Indian and Italian dishes and engage in yoga and meditation to rejuvenate the inner senses while luxury stays under Luxury Golden Triangle Tour Packages.

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