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India’s Golden triangle tour with Culinary tour

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. And in a country like India, food is not merely an edible item, it is considered as part of the tradition that has been passed from one generation to another. India being such a vast country has varying cuisines which not only redefines the flavor of age-old spices but also the culture of that region. It is well said that the way to your heart is passed through your stomach and Indian cuisines are a win-win for the heart and surely for the stomach.

Golden triangle with culinary tour unravel the flavors of three most illustrious cities of India. It begins with Delhi, the capital of India which carries the tangy flavors within its street foods, heading towards Jaipur, the pink city which with a traditional welcome, offers the royal feast and ends with Agra, the Taj city where the Mughal delicacies await to treat the taste buds.

The back alley restaurants of Delhi are famed for their spicy flavors, from the Paranthas and Chat of Chandni Chowk, to the kebabs of Karim’s, Delhi will never fail to surprise with all its mouth-watering street delicacies. Moreover, hygiene along with the best flavors are the mantra of food vendors of Delhi. Be it the lip-smacking chole bhature or the smoky hot biryani, Delhi will greet every foodie with its arms wide open. Like its architectural assortment which gives the glimpses of the beauty of bygone era along with the style of metropolitan, Delhi food is the sumptuous blend of sweet and spicy. With a variety of desserts which include motichoor ladoo, hot jalebis, and kulfis of different flavors, the political capital of India, Delhi will totally entice the gastronomical buds of every traveler. The best thing about the culinary tour to India is to enjoy the relishing flavors of Indian cuisine along with learning the recipes of the meals from experienced chefs.

Agra, the city of love, houses the Taj Mahal, an exceptional white marble specimen of love which never fails to impress with its romantic ambiance and exceptional grandeur. Agra fort situated on the west banks of Yamuna river is equally appealing. It was the fort where Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his own son. Agra provides a colossal variety of food.  Mughlai delicacies like sheer korma and shahi tukda are a total delight for foodies. Bedai and jalebi, redefining the fusion of sweet and spicy flavors of India as a breakfast along with the chaats of Agra are heavens for every food lover. Petha, a specialty of Agra is a dessert which is served with an extra layer of love. Captivating the flavors of India within its food, Agra, is total food retreat for every discerning traveler. The architectural beauty along with the gourmet treat can also be captured in same day Agra tour.

Jaipur popularly known as the pink city is the capital of Rajasthan. A food blogger has rightly said Matches are not made in heaven, they are made in the kitchen by chefs which goes apt with Rajasthani cuisine, be it the daal baati churma, the appetizing trio which inherits the royal taste of Rajasthan or the kadhi- kachori which holds the tangy and sour flavour together and is a total refreshment for taste buds, the aaloo pyaz ki sabzi with Behzad ki roti or a simple stove cooked street kulhad chai with mathri, Jaipur carries the the most delectable essence in every nook and corner. Be it the disc-shaped dessert, Ghevar or the jalebis layered with saffron, the rabdi with Gulab Jamun, or the boondi ke laddoo, the traditional sweets of Jaipur are total gourmets. A cultural exploration along with experiencing the delectable flavors of Jaipur can also be availed under Jaipur sightseeing tour.

A short break while taking this culinary tour with these exquisite cuisines is the best way to restore back to the daily schedules. Food is the center part of our lives, don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.

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