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Golden Triangle Tour India: An Introduction

Talking about traveling without India, the land of diversities is like barking up the wrong tree. The subcontinent has been the 1st choice among people across the world, while deciding upon the travel destination. Thousands of people visit India from different  corners of the world because of its rich heritage and scenic beauty. Being one of the oldest civilizations, it tells the story of how it spells abundance of every kind and thus derived it’s named “a golden bird”. How it was a land of great emperors and empress who spelled sheer grandeur and valor.

The charm of India is spread among its various small & large cities and villages. Although every city has a unique story to tell but, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi collectively make the most out of these all. When these cities are counted as one, this beautiful combination catches everyone’s eye and it is termed as Golden Triangle by everyone. These 3 cities make a triangle shape on the map of India, which becomes the reason behind “Triangle” part in this name. It is called a Golden triangle tour because of the grandness and wealth of the cities involved.

Why Visit Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle tour is a hypothetical route that a traveler must take in order to visit 3 impressive cities including Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. It covers all the facilities needed by a traveler to visit these cities of strategic significance. With a tour to Golden Triangle, one need not to fret over about how will they travel hassle free? The tour works as a friend to take care of you in a foreign land which  undertakes the responsibility of making your experience worthwhile!

Where to Start

This beautiful tour starts with Delhi, the capital of India, followed by the city of “The TajMahal”, Agra and city of strong forts and marvelous architecture, Jaipur. This famous tour including 3 globally famous cities of North India, introduces you to the tradition, art, and culture, which dwells in the soil of India. 3 different cities present you with cultures which are completely different from each other.

The capital of India, Delhi or you can say Indian New York is an absolute combination of modernity and tradition. This beautiful city is famous for its street food, thrifty shopping places, theaters and religious places. On the other side, if you want to experience the flamboyant lifestyle of the rulers of the bygone era, Jaipur is the city for you. The royal culture and heritage of Jaipur land makes it more irresistible. There is a saying that best things are  served in the end to make it memorable. Jaipur the capital city of land of royals Rajasthan was the former capital city of Rajasthan that still reflects the touch of royalty in the walls of the monuments. Amer Fort perched on hilltop which offers spectacular views of the surroundings and enthralling Elephant safari, City Palace reflecting the grandeur of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal known for its lattice sized windows and Jal Mahal located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake are the prominent landmarks of Jaipur.

Who doesn’t know about “The Taj”, although this city has lots of mugal forts and historical places, but there are millions of people who come to see this “tomb of love” only. No words can explain and summarize this largest civilization and golden history of past era. Tajmahal offers mesmerising views of the sunrise and sunset and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World built on the bank of River Yamuna.  The other attractions of Agra are Fatehpur Sikri, Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah and Agra Fort.


Golden Triangle tour is a complete package itself to introduce India in the most beautiful way. It gives you essence of all kind of diversities in art, culture, lifestyle, architecture, history, rich heritage and others. Golden triangle tour is one of the most preferred tour package among the visitors that aware the visitors with the different aspects of the vivid places of India. It can become an unforgettable journey of your lifetime as it will leave you with amazing memories. Know more about Golden Triangle tour in our upcoming blogs and plan your vacations now.

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