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Golden Triangle Tour with Slums of India

Slums in India are one of its kind phenomena and living reality. Where on one side India is coming up with millionaires, the bulk of entrepreneurs followed by learned educationist and people representing the rising and shining India on the same side India is a home to the largest slum colony in Asia. This is the irony of the nation that in spite of the rigorous efforts and social upliftment programmes and policies a major part of the population is living in slums.

The travelers who are keen and determined to work in the direction of contributing their efforts for brightening the horizons of the lives of people who are living in this area, Slum Tour with Golden Triangle Tour is an opportunity that should not be missed. Tour Guides will take you through the closer reality of this place wherein unearthing part of real life and share living experiences of the people is going to be an altogether a new chapter. No doubt, barefoot walk and sober clothing is the essential part of Slum Tourism in India and planning this walk with an agenda is going to be an investment and soul-relieving activity.  If you are wondering or feeling confused as what to pick, the list of activities can be referred as:

Educational Trip to the Slums of India:

Educating women is just equaled to educating an entire family. So, let's gather the females of the slum area and arranging a class teaching them basic of math, languages and science is a great initiative for a result driven slum tour. Classes can be arranged with the help of tour guide who will help in gathering the mass and arranging the material. You can also support this initiative by providing basic educational books, study material and notes.

Moral Education Session:

Behavioral sessions with the general mass can be incorporated in the slum are for its residents especially for women and girls can help them in making them aware of their conduct in different places and situations. Understating and awareness of the environment is necessary for living a dignified life and that can be achieved by teaching the mass about morality which does not require any specific skill, it requires just basic know-how with a capacity to perceive and learn.

Legal Rights Awareness Session:

A major breakthrough in a slum tour can be established by arranging a class where a group of experts makes every attendee aware about their legal rights. It may prove a milestone in generating self-awareness regarding not only the right but also the duty. In India, people are even aware of the facilities & benefits for which they are entitled to receive and it is due to the lack of knowledge. Males and females who are engaged in the jobs like Housekeeping services, night duties, watchman ship, waitress and similar occupations must be aware of their rights.

Slum Tour to India is the only tour that can be used for achieving or at least initiating a step towards the betterment of society that gives deep inner peace to the soul. Golden Triangle Tour with Slums of India is getting popularity because philanthropy has unlimited directions and ways for accomplishing and achieving a goal of being a true human being.

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