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Interesting Facts about Delhi

The contemporary capital of India, Delhi was founded by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1649 And named it “Shahjahanabad” after his own name. The city is popularly known by the phrase as” Dilwalon ki Dilli” has adapted with the weather very well, as it’s too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and too much rain in monsoon. The political capital of India is notable for its well preserved rich heritage sites and lip-smacking cuisines that are to die for. The city is a significant part of Golden triangle tour and is one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations of India.

Get to know some of the interesting facts about Delhi which comprise of a  perfect blend of Glorifying historical past of bygone era as architectural marvels and vivacious present as a metropolitan lifestyle-

  • British Raj chose Calcutta as their capital while their Invasion to India but later it was changed to Delhi in the year 1912 so as to ease the indian administration as Delhi lies in the center of northern India.
  • Apart from being the capital of several rulers under different reigns, and currently serving as the political capital of the country, Delhi is the largest commercial center of northern India and houses one of the largest and fast-paced retail industries.
  • After the Kolkata metro, Delhi metro is the oldest metro of indian Subcontinent which in terms of length is the twelfth longest metro system in the world while in terms of ridership, it stands as the sixteenth largest metro system of the world.
  • The city comprises of the largest public transportation system in the Indian subcontinent which is environment-friendly and runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Also the capital city, Delhi is a major junction of Indian Railways.
  • Delhi is the landmark that holds world’s tallest brick minaret, Qutub Minar and its design is inspired by Afghanistan’s Minaret of Jam .the minaret comprises of 379 steps spiral staircase.
  • Khari Baoli in Old Delhi is the oldest spice market of Delhi and the largest wholesale spice market of Asia which is famed for its spices, nuts, herbs and food products. The interesting facts about the market is that some of the shops are run by the ninth or tenth generation of founders and are named after  their serial number like,” 21 number ki Dukaan”
  • Where the world is facing the problem of pollution, the capital city of India, Delhi attains the position of one of the greenest cities worldwide where 20% of its metropolitan area is solely dedicated to greenery.
  • Delhi which was primarily a walled city still has 5 Gates named as Ajmeri Gate which faces Ajmer of Rajasthan, Kashmiri gate That points North To Kashmir, Lahori Gate That Faces Lahore Of Pakistan, Delhi Gate which leads to roads to earlier cities of Delhi and Turkman Gate which is named after Saint Hazrat Shah Turkman.
  • Associated with the old fort of Delhi, Indraprastha, the capital city of Pandava from the mythological legend, Mahabharata is believed to be located at Delhi. Also Before the invasion of British Raj, Delhi was ruled was by a female ruler named, Raziya Sultan who ruled Delhi from 1236 to 1240. She was the only female ruler who has ruled Delhi.
  • Apart from housing the museums that showcase fascinating arts and artifacts, Delhi is the abode of the weirdest museum which focuses on Toilets and named as “ Sulabh International Museum of Toilets”. The museum is built to highlight one of the biggest problems of Sanitation that still prevails In India and comprises of finest examples of Toilets including the replica of toilet of France’s King Louis XIV.

Like mother, like daughter, the quote suits with India and it’s capital Delhi. Inheriting The rich essence of India, Delhi is a must-visit while India tour. Relishing the art lovers, the foodies, the nature lovers, the adventure seekers, the city caters the need of every visitor. Forming an ebullient part of India’s golden triangle tour, Delhi will entice every traveler with every bit of it.

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