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Capture the pink facet, Jaipur of Golden triangle tour

Winter winds along with the festive spirit of Christmas and the new year has already begun parading the Pink City, Jaipur inviting the avid travelers from all around the world. With the advent of winters, the pink city turns more beautiful. The hide and seek played by the sun on the skies of Jaipur with the gentle winds add a magical charm to the capital city of Rajasthan.  Explore the most beautiful frame of Jaipur city, the hearty part of golden triangle India tour with the photography tour to Jaipur.

The key attraction of Jaipur is the old walled area that still houses the antiquated buildings with all their vivacious pink facades and well-planned blocks. The lanes of these are inherits the charm of bygone era with the old arched walls that has ficus trees rooted on them boasting the legends from erstwhile period, small old temples which are scattered on the lanes here and there, the shops next to streets that sells the colorful fabrics which are adorned with stones and embroidery. The vistas of the old walled area of Jaipur is worth to capture with lenses.

Delighting the photographic spirit of every traveler is the massive city Palace of Jaipur which is an exceptional assortment of spacious courtyards and painted walls, standing first in the queue. The flitting of the flock of pigeons over the arches of the palace along with contrasting hues of azure skies and pink walls makes it a dream subject for every photographer.

Photographers can play with their skills in the astronomical observatory, Jantar Mantar where the astronomical instruments of various shapes and sizes add a whole new delight of experimenting with different angles while capturing them.

From the moon door entrance to the intricately carved roofs, from the multi-colored glasses of cultural hall for music and dance to the king’s room, from the panoramic views of the entire city through 953 jharokhas, (Small windows used by royal ladies to get the glimpses of local lives) to the various water pots for birds, Hawa Mahal greets every photographer and art lover with every bit of it. Capture the splendor of this wind palace while the photography tour to Jaipur.

Overlooking the Maota Lake, lies the Amber Fort on the top of the hill which serves as a great muse for photographers. The walls of the forts, the lakes along with the array of hills all together makes a queer subject that deserves to be captured with the lens. The pigeons over the fort along with Elephants serving rides to people to the top of the fort marks an amazing sight that caters the need of photographer’s spirit.

Jal Mahal, another gem of Jaipur will be perfect, to sum up, the Jaipur photography tour. The palace is located amidst the Man Sagar Lake. photographers can capture the picturesque view of the whole palace where sunset will add a magical hue to the entire surroundings.

Please the urge of capturing the golden triangle tour’s pink beauty with the photography tour to Jaipur and experience the charm of this flamboyant city of India.

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