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Luxury Golden Triangle Tour: An opulent excursion to India

The culturally and historically prosperous land India entices innumerable tourists to explore this marvelous country. The Luxury Golden Triangle Tour is a journey packed with legendary flavors with a luxurious experience. These historically viable three cities forming the Golden Triangle tourist circuit that lures tourists from all over the globe are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur .

The Luxury Golden Triangle Tour takes you on an opulent excursion to India. In this lavish tour, you will travel through the period of palaces and princes and may even feel like one with our exemplary services. How wonderful it is when you learn about the Rajas and Maharajas while being treated like one; from staying in the palace like hotels to commuting in luxurious cars – this tour to Golden Triangle of India will be an outstanding experience.

The starting point of this enriching journey is Delhi which is the national capital and also one of the points of the Golden Triangle and from here you move towards the other two cities situated at almost equidistant from Delhi. The Golden Triangle Tour of India takes you back in the time of opulence with the spectacular architecture and heritage. All the three cities stand neck to neck in terms of fame, fortitude and formation. From the majestic Amer Fort in Jaipur to the spectacular Red Fort in Delhi to the expansive Agra Fort in Agra, these royal abodes will leave you awestruck.

You can see a reflection of Rajput, Mughal and European architectural styles in the buildings of these heritage cities which is worth appreciating. When it comes to buildings, one of the unbelievable human creations is the magnificent Taj Mahal situated at Agra which is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Besides the historical importance, the cultural significance of these places can’t be ignored. The Pink City of Jaipur showcases unique traditions and customs which are quite remarkable. The flamboyant festivities, sensational art forms and bustling markets with indigenous stuff will be a treat for you on this journey.

Avail any Golden Triangle Tour package from the best travel agents in India and set off for a soulful sojourn in the incredible country India.

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