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Railways to reach Andamans

One of the most alluring beach destinations in India is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Far from civilization, these Islands are blessed with nature’s bounty and are favorite destination for travelers particularly honeymooners. The azure waters and picture postcard landscapes are so stunning that it becomes difficult to depart from the Islands post trip. If Andamans is on your bucket list then this news is surely big news for you. Imagine journeying through the Islands in the train with a gaze of the calm seas through the windows; sound exciting isn’t it? For the first time ever the Indian Railways is planning a rail route in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Indian Railways will soon extend its roots to Andaman and Nicobar Islands and will connect Port Blair- the capital city to Diglipur situated in North Andaman Island. This 240 km broad gauge railway line will run parallel to the coasts through several bridges connecting the two major Islands. At present, the travel link between the two islands is only through road and sea. The Andaman Trunk Road between Port Blair and Diglipur takes approximately 14 hours and journey through the ferry takes a whole day. The broad gauge line will ease this process and lower the distance to only about 3 hours making it much convenient for tourists and even local population. According to the Indian Express, the ministry is planning to approve the project due to its tourism worth; the ministry says “it is unique, away from the mainland, and has tourism potential.”

The Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory is quite positive about the railways. Talking about the major tourist attractions in Diglipur which are the Ross and Smith islands he said “these are just two of the main attractions. Lakhs of tourists take great pains to reach there from Port Blair every year. With the railway line in place, that part essentially becomes a part of the capital, beneficial to tourists, local residents, and the defense forces.”

This project will act as a catalyst to boost tourism. According to the L.G, the footfall of tourists will likely to get a hike to nearly 6 Lakh from 4.5 Lakh annually at present. Increased tourism will also act as a boon for the local population who thrive on tourism.

Regardless of what the authorities think, the tourists seem quite excited about this new venture and are looking forward for a thrilling journey amongst these pristine Islands.

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