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Travelling tips for Solo Female Travelers for Golden triangle tour

A solo expedition is an experience of its own kind. Not only it leads to the exploration of new ventures or landmarks, but it also leads to unveiling a new facet of traveler. When it comes to solo traveling, safety is the biggest concern for Solo female Travelers but that shouldn’t stop any traveler for the solo voyage. Some tips while traveling will make this solo journey more peaceful and memorable.

A standout amongst the most exciting vacationer circuit, Golden Triangle tour of India lets the  Solo Female traveler explore the social legacy and architectural magnificence of India that can be seen in Radiant Forts of Delhi, Royal Palaces of Jaipur, Specimen of Love Taj and many more. While it lets the traveler explore the exemplary culture and custom of India, there are few tips that are to be taken care of while visiting Golden triangle tour.  

Here are some Travelling Tips for Solo Female travelers that will lead to the unrivaled expedition to Golden Trio while your golden triangle india tour.

  • The private information regarding your hotel accommodation or the place you are going to visit next should not be shared with a stranger or else you might fall into the trap of stalkers in the foreign place. Throw them off the track with polite but vague responses.
  • Try to get where you want to go before nightfall. That will ensure some benefits like you can know your surroundings, you can easily ask for help before it’s too dark and unsafe and moreover, you will not get any unnecessary attention of being the tourist.
  • Try to stay more in public places rather than loner areas, you can also mingle with other travelers or travel groups. This way you can ensure your safety while enjoying the places with some new friends.
  • If you have not availed car rental services, go for public transports especially after dark. You can also opt for female cab services if necessary. You can also seek the assistance of Female tour  guides and travel agents.
  • Stay connected with your family member or friends on a regular basis and inform them about your whereabouts. If you are booking private Taxis, update them about the license number and all the necessary information.
  • With the advent of Digitization, traveling is a lot easier. While traveling keep a digital copy of your important documents that can be accessed online in case of loss or theft.
  • You should not stash all your money at one place while traveling, Also carry the limited amount of cash while sightseeing.
  • Do your homework properly as n to learn about the local women helpline number along with learning few sentences in the local language that will ease the communication while asking for help or directions. Try to blend in the moderate culture of India with dressing like a local.
  • Just be aware of your surroundings. Learn a few landmarks near your hotel so that you can always find a way back in case you are lost. Avoid headphones or earphones while traveling, as it will help you to be more watchful.
  • Carry a first aid kit for emergency situations.

India is inherently a good place to travel for female solo travelers with Golden triangle tour . The place inherits the rich culture and traditions along with some spectacular places. Travelling Golden triangle cities solo is one of the best things to do. Get to know a more about India and its marvels while India’s Golden triangle tour.

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